The Dog House etc. Pet Boarding
We offer boarding facilities for family pets featuring 10 indoor/outdoor runs. The interior 4×4 feet area of the run is heated and air conditioned. A sliding door allows access to the outside cement run. The outdoor portion is 4×10 feet, leaving dogs plenty of room to stretch their legs. Each fully is fully enclosed run to separate each boarder and is padlocked for security. A plastic riser is supplied, but any bedding, toys, food, or bowls is welcomed. We want your pet to feel at home in our House. Multiple dogs can stay in one run depending on their size. We also have large cages that work well for boarding cats or elderly dogs.

An up to date vaccination and health record is required for every boarder.
The health and safety of your pet is important to us. All runs are cleaned daily, water is always present, and each animal is monitored closely.

Boarding Rates:
1 Dog: $10/night
2 Dogs: $17/night
1 Cat: $8/night

Other types of pets can also be boarded. Contact us for details.

The Dog House etc. Pet Boarding