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We take pride in providing healthy, happy puppies from our our House to your home. We raise several breeds ranging from large to small as well as mix breeds. It’s important to find a pet that fits your lifestyle. Our purebred puppies are APR registered and come with papers. Before all of our puppies go home they are vet checked and are up to date with their puppy vaccinations. A copy of their health record goes with each puppy to set you on the right track with your veterinarian. We also partner with selected professional, licensed, and trustworthy breeders to offer additional types of dogs. We are licensed and inspected by the USDA and the state of Iowa. We take the health of our animals very seriously not only because we are required to, but because we care about their well being. Otherwise we wouldn’t do what we do.Because of the time it takes to care for our animals and servicing the store, we do not sell puppies online or post pictures of actual puppies available. Please take a look at the puppy list, visit the store, call, or email for more information on puppies currently available and coming up. The image gallery below shows examples of types of dogs we carry and previous puppies we’ve raised.

Pictures representing our purebred and mixbreed dogs:

Purebred Puppies

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Mixbreed Puppies

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Breed – Date of Birth (8 wk date) description


Yorkshire Terrier 10/10 (12/5) 1m 4f expect 6-8 lbs
German Shepherd 10/17 (12/12) 3m
Shih Tzu 10/17 (12/12) 2m, 2f parti and solid
Miniature Poodle/Bichon 10/26 (12/21) 2m 3f cream to apricot
Golden Retriever  10/30 (12/25) 6m, 4f  cream to standard golden color
Goldendoodle F1b Mini 1031 (12/26) 4m 4f cream, café au laite, apricot
Pomeranian/Toy Poodle 11/3 (12/29) 2m 1f


Rottweiler 11/6 (1/1) 1f
Lhasa Apso/Bichon Frise11/11 (1/6) 4m, 3f
Cairn Terrier/Bichon 11/14 (1/9) 2m 1f wheaten
Yorkie/Cairn Terrier 11/16 (1/11) 1m, 3f
Pekingese/Toy Poodle 11/20 (1/15) 2m wh/blk parti
Shih Tzu/Maltese 11/20  (1/15) 3f
German Shepherd 12/3 (1/28) 2m, 1f
Pekingese 12/4 (1/29) 4f; sable, sable/tan, wh/sable parti

COMING:   Rat Terrier, Shih Tzu, Yorkie/Maltese (tiny) German Shepherd, Goldendoodle

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